hello you

‘I help ambitious entrepeneurs to

boost sales on instagram and get

noticed in the media’


 So glad you’re here!

I’ve helped multinational brands to grow by generating millions of pounds worth of publicity, but I’m most interested in helping entrepreneurs like you to fulfil your business potential.

I once got told that I’d never make it as a PR consultant, that I didn’t have the relevant experience and I didn’t know the right people.
But I didn’t listen to the pessimists.
I knew I had the right skills; I could write, I learnt all about selling at an early age and nearly two decades later, this is still my day job and my passion. Now I want to share what I know and help you to succeed!

The story so far…

I’ve grown a six figure publicity business that serves both ambitious entrepreneurs and multinational companies. 

I transformed my working life because of grief and the perspective it gives you. Believe me, going from from corporate career girl and certified health disaster to a self-care loving, home-working yogi is no easy switch!

Nowadays you’ll usually find me on my phone with a flat white (or maybe a green juice), sporting silver shoes and talking about the news, the Kardashians or tennis.

If you’re ready to grow your business and get more sales, clicks and customers, make sure you grab the free guide to mind blowing media coverage, it’s up at the top on this page.

I can’t wait to share my PR and publicity strategies with you. They could be game changers for your business! 

Here’s to your success,



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