Let’s look at how to write a press release for your product or service. When we say press release, I really mean news release – it’s probably more likely that your story will get picked up online or on broadcast media, so not just print (i.e. press).
The best way to start is always (if you haven’t done already), to figure out who your target customer is.
What do they read, listen or watch? Which influencers do they listen to?

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This will really help with the tone of voice you use (informal for consumer and lifestyle media, more business-like for newspapers and business columns).
Even better is to individually craft your pitch, or at least your covering note, for each media title (and their target audience) if you can.
This shows you’ve really researched them and also that your story will be more likely to get used as their readers / listeners / viewers will find value in it.
Do include your logo but don’t bother formatting your release in a Word doc or in Pages.
I usually just format it to look smart in an email, as journalists don’t want to have to click and open another document. It saves them times and this, as you’ll learn, is always a good thing!
If you want a pretty formatted PDF for your website, then feel free to do an official doc (but be mindful that pdfs don’t get searched by Google) – so you’re probably better off just adding in the text into your news feed or blog post 🙂