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Small business owners, we need to talk about facebook.

You know that rock that you get under when you're so focused on actually running your business? I'll be honest, I've been getting stuck under it lately. Rather than thinking about social media strategies, I've been feeling pretty good about business instead. You know...

How to write a press release now

Let’s look at how to write a press release for your product or service. When we say press release, I really mean news release - it’s probably more likely that your story will get picked up online or on broadcast media, so not just print (i.e. press). The best way to...

Why should you use PR and publicity in your marketing strategy

What exactly is publicity and PR? There is one question I get asked over and over again - by designers, entrepreneurs, business owners, friends and family. What do you actually do, Rach? So I want to use today's blog post to give a big old explanation of what I get up...