Getting a media interview is an incredibly powerful way to get your brand noticed.

With radio, podcasts, TV and prit publicity, you’re in people’s homes, cars, on their mobile phones. This means listeners often remember you, know what you’re about and trust you once you’ve been featured.

I can’t count the times clients have been interviewed on the radio and their contacts and customers have mentioned that they heard it, sometimes weeks and months later.

I never underestimate the power of the media interviee – whether it’s on local or national radio, on podcasts or even TV, for business growth and brand awareness.

Although we’re all familiar with our favourite radio shows and podcasts, there are some strategies you can use to make the most out of your opportunity to be interviewed:

– Find out if the interview is prerecorded or live.

– If it’s live, find out if there’s any other guests on as well as you. Find out a bit about them and where they’re from, what their points of view are likely to be.

– If you can, go to the studio to do the interview.

– If not, get a landline connection wherever possible or make sure you’re in excellent phone signal for a mobile.

– If you can, listen to the show or acquaint yourself with it online.

– Think about the top three things you want listeners to know about and get your points across throughout the interview. If in doubt about a question, keep going back to your points. Politicians are masters at this.

– Is it a discussion between two opposing parties? If so, make sure you plan well for any tricky questions from either the opposition, the presenter or for listeners calling in ad hoc.

– That said, once you’re prepared with your key messages, don’t worry! The best thing is that if it’s live, you get to mention your business, your brand, your product or service (only if it’s in a way that adds to the interview or story).

– Remember a call to action – what do you want people to do when they’ve heard the piece?

– If it’s appropriate, try to mention the website address and ask listeners to follow your brand on social media.

– Relax, smile and chat but always be aware you may be asked a tricky or off the wall question/s.

– Remember that the media loves numbers, so customer or visitor numbers, any interesting statistics or percentages you can quote always help to illustrate your story.

Have you been featured on radio or on a podcast recently? What did you learn that you can share with us? Please let me know your thoughts below.

Here’s to your profile and business growth,