You know that rock that you get under when you’re so focused on actually running your business?

I’ll be honest, I’ve been getting stuck under it lately. Rather than thinking about social media strategies, I’ve been feeling pretty good about business instead.

You know the feeling – you’ve got ambition, sales are looking strong.

You’ve spent the last few years growing your facebook community. You’ve got thousands of likes for your brand page thanks very much. What more do you need? 

Lately though, you’ve been wondering why no one is liking or sharing your stuff anymore.

It’s tumbleweed out there.

Your team shares a post, an image, a video.

Maybe they even share a cool quote that would usually inspire a whole load of likes from your page followers.

Yet now you’re getting NOTHING.

What’s happening?

I’ve been shouting about this to my clients since the start of the year, when, pre Cambridge Analytica scandals, facebook, (shock, horror!) changed its algorithm.

What you need to know to make sure you still get your brand seen on fb:

  • Facebook is focusing on growing relationships between friends and family.
  • This means your business page posts and updates get served up less in your followers’ feeds.
  • This also means that to get the same exposure as you got before, you’re going to have to start boosting posts and advertising to reach your followers in the same way you did.
  • Facebook live is a real focus.
  • If you have the opportunity to go live on your page, where it makes sense for your business, go for it – you’ll be rewarded with reaching more people.
  • Groups are a big growth opportunity – they provide a community (which Facebook likes) and somewhere you can serve up great content i.e. useful content for its members. They also get more engagements than a flat branded page.

What strategies on facebook are you using that are working for your business? Add a comment below 🙂