Do you love the Kardashians? I’m a huge fan.

All those palm tress, sunshine, clothes and complicated family feuds. What’s not to love? 

If you’re not there yet, give it time. 

If you’ll never be there, I don’t think we can be true friends. 

There are many ways this fabulously famous family has become so successful, and I wanted to share the latest way they’re targeting customers, influencers and brands alike. 

You guessed it, it’s Instagram!

Once you see the brilliance and simplicity of what’s working for brand K, you can use these strategies and tips in your own business to grow your audience and authority (though whether we’ll ever get to Kim’s 115million followers is another matter). 

1. They show up regularly on Instagram. Yes they have professional photos to share, but they also share their own selfies and photos of what’s inspiring them that day, giving us an insider’s view of their work and home lives. 

TIP: Whether you run a shop, a real estate agency or a food business, there’s always something you can share that your target customers would love to see, hear and read about. Sharing is caring!

2. They collaborate. They have a big family and they share with each other by tagging, liking and re-gramming. 

TIP: You can do this too by making the most of other audiences with takeovers, joint ventures and other brand partnerships that make sense for your business.

3. They use stories to let us in behind the scenes. You might not watch the TV show, but who cares anyway? Many of us are spending over 30 minutes every day on Instagram, where we can see in real time the latest news and views from each family member.

TIP: Let your customers into your world, show them behind the scenes videos, images and opinions and they’ll feel more drawn to use you over your competition, plus they’ll start to feel they can know, like and trust you

Here’s to your growing business, your publicity coach, Rachel 🙂

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